Where to Buy Standards

The nature of distribution of standards has changed dramatically over the last decade. Whereas in the nineties the overwhelming majority of standards were printed to paper and physically shipped to the customer, this approach is now increasing rare. The age of the PDF arrived some years ago.

The same can be said with regard to support products and books. The download of intellectual value and software is now the norm. Increasingly, the concept of physically shipping these items on CD or on paper being viewed as outdated and extremely slow. Rather, they are now usually supplied instantly, direct to the customer's computer.

To assist our visitors therefore, we are currently investigating the best and easiest download sources for each of the standards within the ISO 27000 series. Two useful independent sources, each offering the standards via a variety of national standards bodies, have so far been identified:

1. The Business Standards Encyclopedia
This outlines the specific contents of each standard and offers purchase from a range of established web shops. The standards in the 27000 series are sourced via the following pages: ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27005

2. Standards Institutes
The standards can be downloaded in PDF form from the following websites: Standards Direct (BSI), Standards Online (SNV).

Other sources will be listed in due course.

ISO 27000 Standards Copyright

It is important to remember that ISO standards are copyright protected. If you are therefore offered 'free' copies, or copies from suspicious sources or at suspiciously low prices, it is well worth verifying the legitimacy of the documents.

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