Related Standards

A number of standards are closely related to those in the ISO 27000 series. We are therefore created a list to reflect these:

ISO 22301
The international requirements standard for business continuity management, specifying the requirements for setting up and managing an effective Business Continuity Management System.

ISO 17021
This standard contains principles and requirements for the competence, consistency and impartiality of the audit and certification of management systems of all types. It is particularly related to ISO 27006.

This is BSI's standard for Information Security Risk Management. It relates most closely to ISO 27005, which will cover similar ground once published.

ISO 24760
This has not yet been published, but will be the "Information Technology: Security Techniques -- A Framework for Identity Management", a topic semi-related to ISO 27002.

ISO 13335
This multi-part standard presents management of information and communications technology security, and is related to the future ISO 27005 standard.

This is the BSI standard for Business Continuity Management, and includes two parts, a code of practice and a specification. It relates to a number of ISO 27000 standards, but most notably, ISO 27002.

Forthcoming ISO 27000 Standards

ISO 27007 is a proposed standard with guidance for organizations auditing an ISMS. Numbers from ISO 27008 have also been set aside for information security related issues. It is likely that many of these will pertain to specific inductry sectors.

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