Recent Updates

This portal is constantly being updated and added to. The following are the most recent additions and changes:

A Short History of the ISO 27000 Series
The standards comprising the ISO 27000 series actually pre-date the series itself by a significant period. For information on the development of these standards we have created a page outlining their chronological history.

ISO27001 Certification
As certification is a very common area of confusion, we have added a page describing the ISO27001 Certification Process.

Healthcare Sector Standard ISO 27799
A specific standard for the health sector is reaching the final committee stage prior to publication. We have thus added a specific page, ISO 27799, to document this.

Future Numbering Speculation
Speculation is rife with respect to the numbering system for the ISO27000 standards. We explore some of this debate on our Future Standards page.

NEW: The ISO 27000 Online User Group
We have recently created a dedicated message board and forum for visitors to discuss all aspects of the 27000 series of standards. This is hosted by MSN, and can be found by clicking the following link: ISO 27000 User Group Forums

Information Security News
As integration of the news feeder is taking longer than anticipated, you can catch up woth the latest general information security news via Google's aggregated news service: Google's Infosec News

Consultancy and Audit
Our directory of established consultants and auditors is now open.

The Global Standards?
People in how many countries buy copies of the standard, and which are they? To discover the answers to these question we asked a leading store to provide list from their records.

Latest Pages
Most recent addition: ISO 27007, ISO 27008, ISO 27011, ISO 27033.

Forthcoming Additions

We are currently developing a comprehensive directory of internet based ISO 27000 related resources and websites. Also under current development is a glossary of terms and phrases, and a complimentary presentation outlining all aspects of ISO 27002.

ISO 27000 Directory - Recent Updates