Future 27000 Standards

Building a clear picture of future publications within the ISO 27000 series is far from simple. The situation is fluid, certainly, but also, different parties tend to report slightly different stories. However, based on our best efforts, the following seems to be the most likely schedule at this point:

ISO27000 - Information technology: Information security management systems, Overview and vocabulary
ISO27007 - Guidelines for Information Security Management Systems Auditing
ISO27008 - Guidelines for ISM auditing with respect to security controls (approved April 2008)
ISO27011 - Information technology: Information security management guidelines for telecommunications
ISO27033 - Network Security
ISO27799 - Health Informatics: Information security management in health using ISO/IEC 17799
ISO27014 - Governance of information security

ISO27010 ISM Guidelines for Sector-Sector Working and Communications (it is suggested that this will comprise a number of documents)
ISO27031 ICT Readiness for Business Continuity
ISO27032 Cyber Security
ISO27034 Guidelines for application security
ISO27051 Telecommunications (ITU-T)

ISO27012 Finance (ref ISO TC 68)
ISO27013 Manufacturing

IRCA (Spain) contradicts this by reporting the following:
ISO27012 Automotive Industry
ISO27013 Lotteries.

Additional Information

Clearly, some of the above speculation will be incorrect. If, therefore, you have any accurate updates or detail with respect to the 27000 family of standards, please contact us.

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